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Our service are trained in the most advanced routers as well as earlier models, from a wide range of manufacturers. We deliver innovative solutions that improve productivity, accuracy, and connectivity.

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No matter what your budget is, we can ensure equal dedication to rendering a reliable, responsive and constant professional setup. Our services are transparent, keeping our customers updated at every stage.

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Our responsive and dedicated service professionals will setup you in optimizing and maintaining your routers in top condition, hence giving  you maximized productivity and efficiency

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Wizmaxsolutions is your router & modem specialist; we are happy to assist you in any router or modem issues that you might be facing. Our experts are well familiar with all the leading routers and are ready to setup you with any issues that you are facing with your routers.

Our team is well qualified in router setup services; you can rely on us to change any issues that may arise with your router. No matter anywhere, if you face any complaint regarding your router, give us a call, and we will fix it for you!

Why not have an expert setup your router for you, our team will Set-up and configure the router & modem for either wireless or wired depend on your requirements.

Upgrade routers can be a daunting task, and the chances of the entire configuration crashing down are quite high if not done right. Contact our experts at Wizmaxsolutions and save your time.

Our Router Products 

What is the difference between a Router and a Modem Devices?

The distinction between a modem and a switch is that a modem is identified with the web, while a difference in the interface makes gadgets for Wi-Fi. It is unquestionably not hard to work the two gadgets if your framework arrives at the supplier (ISP) that rents you both as a significant piece of a web bundle. Knowing the multifaceted nature between a modem and a switch and how each occupation can assist you with being a regular client, and set aside cash purchasing hardware, rather than paying a month to month cost to an ISP.

Modem and its Differences 

A modem connects the source of your website from your ISP and your home system, regardless of whether you use a link provider, for example, Comcast, FIOS fiber optic, satellite, for example, Direct TV or DSL or dial-up. telephone association The modem is associated with the switch, or directly to a PC, using an Ethernet link. The distinctive child modems for each type of administration; No child negotiable.

ISPs rent modems to endorsers for a monthly load, without ban, link modems are available for purchase at moderately low costs. Month-to-month child rental rates of around $ 10 additional each month. In case you intend to maintain a comparative assistance for a year or more, buying a link modem that costs about $ 100 is quickly amortized. Perfect modems for FIOS child hard to find, so considering everything, it is beneficial to rent one from Verizon.

Router and its Differences 

A switch interacts with a modem and creates a private system in a home, office or business, for example, a bistro. The moment you connect a device to Wi-Fi, it is associated with a nearby switch.

The switches associate bright devices, including cell phones, smart speakers, for example, Amazon Echo, and clever household items, for example, lights and security frames. The remote switches additionally transmit substance to workstations and cell phones via Netflix, Hulu and comparative administrations, without using links.

Some ISPs offer rental switches, but to get the latest innovation, you deserve to get one. The purchase of a remote switch implies that you can choose the model that most appropriate ocean for your home or office or that has driven the highlights for games and different exercises in case you need them.

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